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Thursday 26 January 2012

Fixing No Sound or Weird Sound in Hydrogen Drum Machine or Other MIDI program in Linux Mint


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LinuxMint 11 64bit 2.6.38-8-generic
Hydrogen Drum Machine
When I started this video tutorial, I thought I was giving you a short work-around for Hydrogen Drum Machine if you also experience a similar weird encounter with MIDI and Sound in Linux.
As far as Desktop Audio and Video experience in LinuxMint11 is concerned, everything works excellent.
Movies, DVDs, Youtube, Grooveshark, MP3s all works seamlessly out-of-the box.
Beyond that... a complex Sound System Architecture awaits.

Problem / Challenge
The Problem or Challenge we are facing in this simple tutorial is Weird sound, strange sound or no sound coming from Hydrogen Drum Machine. Hey guys, Hydrogen is an excellent piece of software. To my blessings, I have personally tasted it when reviewing various different Linux Distro Live CDs. So, I know it works beautifully eventhough I do not have much musical experience.
Until I started my video screen-capturing did I discover that it's weirder than I realised.

Quick Fix:
The quick fix is to set "Audio System" to "ALSA" instead of "Auto" for the "Audio System" in Hydrogen Drum Machine. This can be easily done in the "Preferences" item in the Tools menu.
Steps:  Tools -> Preferences -> [Audio System]tab -> "Auto" change to "ALSA"

Now, Playback, Sit-back, Relax and Enjoy... Linux the Minty flavour!

In the Background, my actual user experience was recorded differently! When I playback the video screen-capture, Sound was recorded at the original setting of "Auto", though I actually did not hear any sound from the system, and muted after changing it to "ALSA", even though I did hear sound playing from my speakers. In this case, I have edited the video tutorial to reflect my actual user experience.
I have included this information here as a feedback to those kind developers and programmers and in case you are also recording your desktop
Let me know if you have similar experience and if this have helped you to fix the problem.


  1. Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks:
    1) Try setting sound to something else if the default does not work. It need not be ALSA.
    2) If the application can only allow OSS audio device or /dev/dsp, then use CLI padsp appsname to launch it.
    a) Open a "Terminal Shell"
    b) $ padsp transcriber
    Note: padsp - redirect OSS audio devices to PulseAudio
    3) Run another "audio" application before and/or after it and alternate between them to perform "stress-test". Adjusting audio level, pause, stop, play or replay.
    4) Have fun and keep your fingers crossed.

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