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这是一个有关Linux视频教程的部落格。我将在此与大家分享经验与所学。请多多赐教。 This is mainly a Video Tutorial Blog about Linux. I am here to share my learnings and experiences. May I invite you to join me in this Quest. It all started with Linux Mint 11 and my move from the dark-side to freedom. Also a move to share experiences, knowledge and community spirit. I started to share my new found knowledge and experience in various different forums - Linux Mint Community, TomatoUSB and places I chance upon when googling. As my journey and voyages become more disperse and frequent, I decided its time for a place and certain ways to tie things together. Thus, the birth of my blog "Guruwannabe" - my user-name at Linux Mint Community, the first place that I became serious about my cyber-presence. Bob Wong (黄昌文)

Monday 6 February 2012

LinuxMint Simply Beautiful: Login, Shutdown and Command Terminal CLI


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LinuxMint Simply Beautiful

Session 001: Login, Shutdown and Command Terminal (CLI)


LinuxMint 11 64bit 2.6.38-8-generic

Hi Guys,
Introducing Linux Mint Simply Beautiful!
Well, I have decided to start a new series in Bite-Size Linux, Day-by-Day to capture the beauty of using Linux Mint, its simple and elegant experience.
All these while we are still Celebrating our Chinese Lunar New Year in Singapore.
It has been a rewarding experience learning more about Video Editing in Linux. Jumping from a variety of tools to get things done up: RecordMyDesktop, XVidCap, PiTiVi, Kdenlive, and how Xdamage affect Video Editing.
And most importantly, it's been a joy to be able to present you the finish product.
May your quest in Linux made more enjoyable and interesting!
Yours sincerely,
Blessed Beloved Bob (Guruwannabe)
Session Coverage

  • Login
    • Click your username
    • Enter your Password
    • Press [Enter] or Click [Login] button
  • Command Terminal CLI
    • Click [Menu] > Select "Terminal" to launch it
    • Type "command" or "terminal" in [Search Box]
    • Tips: Right-Click to "Add to Desktop" or "Add to Panel"
    • Click on Panel icon
    • Right-Click Desktop > Select "Open in Terminal" from Short-cut menu
      • We will explore more of this in future Sessions
    • type "exit" to end the Terminal Session
  • Shutdown
    • Click [Menu] > "Quit"
      • Select Shutdown
      • Restart
      • Suspend
      • Hibernate
      • System will Auto-shutdown in 60 seconds
  • Logout
    • Click [Menu] > "Logout"
      • You may logout or switch user from here
  • Login Options
    • you may change "Language, Keyboard layout and Gnome Settings
    • before login again
  • Shutdown (@ Login Screen)
    • "Power" button @ bottom-right corner
  • 'til the next session @ http://guru.bybobwong.com
Adios Amigos!


  1. What kink of a tutorial is this suppose to be.

    1. Hi Pal,

      It's nice to hear from you and Yup, you are right. Thanks and that's exactly the same question I was asking myself earlier :).

      Short answer: My uncle, aunt and some peers and their friends could access this video from their iPhone or Android devices and know that Linux is that simple and Mint is Simply Beautiful :).

      Long answer: Years back, I was teaching people how to use DOS and how to properly handle the mouse. This is, I hope, the first session to bringing Linux to more people. My purpose is to bring out the Simplicity and easy access of LinuxMint. I know, it's kind of pretty different from the last few "more technical" articles I have written.
      I like the Simplicity and Elegance of LinuxMint. The out-of-the-box that it simply works and the ease of use.
      How the "Menu" Search Box works - type "comm" or "video" and my related programs are shown. It helped me to find programs that I have installed and provide suggestions that I can further investigate.
      The Command Terminal CLI is superb. Type in a command that is not installed and it gives us the "sudo apt-get ..." command, even if I type "recordmidesktop". Highlight, mouse-wheel click, press Enter and voila!
      The best part: CLI commands are pretty standard thru-out different distro. Screen-shots and Videos are great for learning but could not beat the power of CLI and bash-scripting in trouble-shooting and problem solving.
      Before all that, I hope to make it easier for more people to take the first beginning steps and are able to follow those instructions they find from google and at the end of the day, be confident that they understand what they type into the CLI.
      Once again, Pal, thanks for pointing this out. My earnest and sincere heart-felt thanks because I am not alone and you have just helped me to put into perspective my vision for this tutorial and the series to come.
      I apologise for being too verbose.
      Blessed Beloved Bob (Guruwannabe)
      LinuxMint, Simply Beautiful!