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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Salesforce ADM201 Lab 07-07:

  Report Summary Formula

NOTE:  Highest Video Resolution is 720p

Step by Step Instructions

1.  Open the “Opportunities by Rep” report created in Lab 7-2 (Report builder design view)

2.  To Add a new formula column in the last column of the report:
    Double click on the “Add Formula” field in the Field Panal.
    (This opens up the “Custom Summary Formula” Dialog box)

3.  To Enter the formula to calculate the Win Rate:  WON:SUM / CLOSED:SUM
    Use the [Summary Fields] and [Operators] buttons to construct the formula

4.  Run the report to see the result.

i)    You may need to filter the “Status” to see only “Closed” opportunities
ii)   Sorting by “Status” column should make the report easier to understand
iii)  Verify the result by comparing with your manual calculation

5.  Click [Save As] to save the report as “Opportunity by Rep with Win Rate”.

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